What You Should Know About Letters Of Credit

A letter of credit refers to a document through which your bank guarantees payment. You will find several types of letters of credit with banks like columbia bank marlboro. These can provide you with security when you buy and sell services and products.

Here is what you should understand about letters of credit.

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Protection for buyers

At times, you may pay for a product or service, but the seller may fail to deliver. In this case, you can use your letter of credit to get paid. This payment works like a penalty that the company that was unable to deliver has to pay.

It acts very similarly to a refund. With this money that is returned, you will be able to purchase the product from another seller.

Protection for sellers

If the buyer and seller are in different countries, a seller will need some security to ensure payment for their products and services. All a seller has to do is adhere to all the requirements in the letter of credit. If the buyer fails to pay, the bank issuing the letter of credit will have to complete the payment.

In this concept, a bank will act as a disinterested third party. You will see letters of credit act as important components of international trade. This is especially so because buyers and sellers reside in geographical areas that are miles away. They may not even fall within the same jurisdiction.


Whether you are a buyer or seller engaging in international trade, it is good to understand letters of credit better. When you have a good understanding, you will secure your funds, whether or not the other party delivers.

The bank that issues the letter of credit will be able to provide you with the necessary security.

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